LeBron James’ Outfit at Barbie Movie Premiere: Separating Fact from Fiction

Viral Photos Of LeBron James Dressed In Pink For Barbie Are AI Fakes

Social media is abuzz with a picture of LeBron James wearing a pink outfit. Fans speculate that the basketball superstar wore the ensemble at the premiere of the Barbie movie. According to a tweet from ButtCrack Sports, LeBron was present at the event and wore a pink shirt and skirt. His accessories, including footwear and handbag, also featured shades of the same color.

Jordan on Twitter:

Let me just clarify that the picture you might have seen online is totally fake and was made by AI. The Twitter handle behind this fake image, ButtCrack Sports, is known for spreading fake news and images through humor and parody. This isn’t even the first time they’ve shared an edited photo of LeBron James wearing a pink outfit this month! Just to clear things up, LeBron James did not attend the Barbie movie premieres on July 9 in LA or July 12 in London.

Fact Check: Did LeBron James wear a pink dress for Barbie movie premiere?  Debunking viral photo of LA Lakers superstar

ButtCrack Sports recently posted about LeBron James attending the premiere of Barbie, as shared in a post generated by AI and initially shared on Reddit. The Redditor who posted the image claimed that James donned the pink ensemble to celebrate his daughter Zhuri’s birthday. The second photo in the tweet was taken by Derick David, a seasoned writer for various publications such as Forbes, Medium, and Uxopian, who shared it on his Twitter account @jeazous.

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