“The Truth Behind LeBron James’ Fashion Statement at the Barbie Movie Premiere: Debunking Myths and Setting the Record Straight”

Viral Photos Of LeBron James Dressed In Pink For Barbie Are AI Fakes

LeBron James has been making waves on social media with his recent fashion choice, as a photo of him in a stylish pink ensemble has been circulating online. Fans are speculating that the basketball icon sported the outfit to attend the premiere of the much-talked-about Barbie movie. According to reports from ButtCrack Sports, LeBron was pictured at the event in a pink shirt and skirt combo, complete with matching shoes and a handbag in varying shades of pink.

Jordan on Twitter:

Just to clear things up, the photo circulating online of LeBron James in a pink outfit is completely phony and was generated by a computer program. The Twitter account behind the fake image, ButtCrack Sports, is known for sharing humorous content and fake news for laughs. This isn’t the first time they’ve shared a picture of LeBron in pink attire recently. To set the record straight, LeBron James did not attend the Barbie movie premieres in LA on July 9 or in London on July 12.

Fact Check: Did LeBron James wear a pink dress for Barbie movie premiere?  Debunking viral photo of LA Lakers superstar

Recently, the folks over at ButtCrack Sports made a buzz about LeBron James making an appearance at the Barbie premiere. The news originally popped up on Reddit, courtesy of an AI. The Reddit user who shared the picture mentioned that James sported a pink outfit to celebrate his daughter Zhuri’s birthday. Furthermore, another snapshot was posted by writer Derick David, who is recognized for his contributions to top-notch publications like Forbes, Medium, and Uxopian. The image was shared on his Twitter handle @jeazous.

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