Bronny’s Top Pick: The NBA Player Who Always Leaves Me in Awe

Bronny Reveals The 1 NBA Player Who Leaves Him Starstruck

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Bronny James is definitely the standout prospect going into the 2024 NBA Draft, despite not being the most skilled player and having mixed opinions on his readiness for the pros. He recently spoke with the media and shared a moment where he was starstruck by Steph Curry at Crypto. This memorable encounter was even captured on camera and left a big impression on Bronny.

Bronny James vertical jump: LeBron's son impresses at NBA Draft Combine in  3-point shooting, agility drills | Sporting News

When asked about his father, LeBron James, potentially impacting his draft stock, Bronny emphasized that he has put in the work to be recognized for his own abilities and character, rather than just for being LeBron’s son. He also mentioned that playing with his dad is not a top priority for him at the moment.

As the draft approaches, speculation is growing about which team will pick up Bronny. While one team has seemed like the obvious choice, a surprise contender has emerged in the last couple of days. It’s going to be exciting to see where Bronny ends up in the end, given the unpredictability of the upcoming draft.

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