Bronny’s Candid Response: Does He Really Want to Team Up with LeBron?

Bronny’s Brutally Honest Answer On If He Wants To Play With LeBron

Bronny James has been making waves at this year’s NBA Draft Combine, emerging as a standout star. The decision of LeBron James’ son to forgo college and pursue a professional basketball career in 2024 has been a major headline in the basketball world. LeBron has always expressed his desire to play alongside Bronny in the NBA, and rumors suggest that the Philadelphia 76ers are positioning themselves to potentially draft both father and son.

However, when asked if playing with his dad is his dream, Bronny responded with a different perspective. He stated that his ultimate goal has always been to establish his own name and make it to the NBA, rather than just playing alongside his father. While LeBron may have brought up the idea a few times, Bronny doesn’t dwell on the possibility.

While Bronny’s priority is carving his path in the NBA, it is evident that LeBron holds playing with his son in high regard. With LeBron’s influence in the league, the possibility of Bronny playing in the NBA is inevitable. Where he will be playing next season remains uncertain, but time will reveal his destination.

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