LeBron James’ Picture with Bow Wow Sparks Amusement Among Fans Who Jokingly Compare Him to His Step Dad

Fans are surprised by a recently unearthed photo of basketball superstar LeBron James and rapper Bow Wow due to the striking height difference between them. Despite being only three years younger than LeBron, Bow Wow appears much shorter in the photo, which was taken in 2003, just before the Cleveland Cavaliers picked LeBron as their top draft pick. At the time, LeBron’s height was already comparable to that of NBA icon Magic Johnson, who is listed as being 6-foot-9 tall. Meanwhile, he dwarfed the diminutive Bow Wow, who stands at just 5-foot-7.

The picture of LeBron and Bow Wow holding basketballs has been making rounds on Twitter, where it has received millions of views. Many NBA fans have been joking about how tiny the ball in LeBron’s hands looked compared to the one Bow Wow held, and some even commented on how much older LeBron looked back then. Some have also compared him to Bow Wow’s stepdad. Another photo that recently surfaced showed LeBron sitting next to Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose during his second stint with the Cavaliers. Although injuries limited their time playing together, the photo showcases the star power of the Cavs during that season. Despite the challenges, the team made it to the NBA Finals, but they were ultimately swept by the Golden State Warriors.

The basketball player from Los Angeles Lakers has a recorded height of 6 feet and 9 inches. This piece of information can be verified through the images obtained from Getty Images.

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