LeBron James expresses gratitude while dining with son Bronny

Last Monday, Bronny James fell ill during his basketball practice for USC. However, on Friday, the James family enjoyed dinner at a popular Italian restaurant. During the meal, LeBron James expressed gratitude for having his son, Bronny, by his side just four days after the 18-year-old experienced a cardiac arrest during basketball practice. This was the first time that Bronny was seen in public since he fell ill. LeBron attended the restaurant with his wife, Savannah, and their daughter, Zhuri. Later, he left with both of his sons, Bronny and Bryce. According to sources, other diners approached the James family to offer their well-wishes, and LeBron repeatedly expressed his appreciation for his family’s support during this difficult time. For the latest international sports news, visit DailyMail.com.

LeBron James told diners how he felt grateful at being at dinner with son Bronny, 18, after he had a cardiac arrest during basketball practice last Monday

During a recent dinner with his son Bronny, LeBron James expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be there with him. This sentiment was especially poignant as Bronny had experienced a cardiac arrest during basketball practice just a few days prior.

Bronny was taken ill last Monday but has made a remarkable recovery in the following days

Last Monday, Bronny fell ill and was rushed to the hospital where he collapsed while practicing with the USC basketball team. However, he made a remarkable recovery in just a few days. LeBron and his family are regular guests and everyone prayed for Bronny’s quick recovery. The young basketball player was admitted to intensive care before being eventually released from the hospital on Thursday. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center confirmed that Bronny had a sudden cardiac arrest and was successfully treated by highly-trained staff. Despite his ongoing workup, Bronny’s family and community continue to support him and are hopeful for his continued progress. LeBron shared a video of Bronny playing piano at home and praised him for his amazing resilience, encouraging him to keep going.

LeBron was seen leaving the restaurant alongside Bronny and his other son Bryce (right)

LeBron exited the eatery with his two sons, Bronny and Bryce, as per witnesses. On a separate note, he expressed his gratitude towards his fans for the outpouring of love and well wishes extended to his family. He tweeted a statement on Thursday, acknowledging the support that has been making its way to him. While he did not disclose any details, he assured everyone that he and his family are doing well. Furthermore, he mentioned that he will address the matter further when the time is right. LeBron concluded his tweet by thanking his supporters and the #JamesGang for their unwavering backing.

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