LeBron and the James Clan Take Center Stage at Dodgers’ Bobblehead Extravaganza

During the second game of the Dodgers and Marlins doubleheader on Saturday night, LeBron James and his family were spotted enjoying the game. The Lakers superstar was accompanied by his wife Savannah and their three children, Bronny, Bryce, and Zhuri, who sat behind them in a suite. James’ agent, Rich Paul, was also present at the event.

LeBron, Bronny James pulled up to watch Dodgers on bobblehead night

The timing of the arrival was perfect as the Dodgers were giving away a bobblehead featuring LeBron James that evening. The bobblehead showed James donning a Dodgers jersey and holding a basketball in his right hand, with a Lakers ring on his finger.


As Lakers enthusiasts vied in a trivia game prior to the game, hoping to win the privilege of throwing the first pitch, James opted out of any pregame activities. The reason being, his family has been keeping a low profile since Bronny underwent a cardiac arrest while practicing for USC basketball on July 24. Hence, this event marks one of the rare occasions when James and his family have been seen out in public.


After being sent to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for treatment, the 18-year-old was kept under observation until he was released later that week. On the day of his release, James expressed his gratitude towards everyone who had sent well wishes to him and his loved ones. He stated that they were all okay and safe, and that their loved ones were with them. James also conveyed how much the encouragement meant to him and the rest of the team.

LeBron James and family had fun at Saturday's Dodgers game

After sharing a video of Bronny playing the piano on his social media, James and his son were seen in Rochester, Minnesota, visiting the Mayo Clinic. At a recent game, James and his family were in good spirits, and the Los Angeles Dodgers made a $100,000 donation to the LeBron James Family Foundation. When James’ image was shown on the screen, the crowd cheered enthusiastically.

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