Gal Gadot Fears for Her Toes as Dwayne Johnson Takes Charge in ‘Red Notice’ Scene

On Sunday (November 28), Gal Gadot made a quick stop at her local Bristol Farms market in Los Angeles to pick up a few items. She briefly lowered her face mask while doing so.

During a quick convenience store run, the actress, aged 36, was dressed in casual attire and purchased some food items before leaving the store promptly. Gal recently discussed her concerns about a particular scene in Netflix’s “Red Notice,” specifically the dance scene with Dwayne Johnson.

Gal reminisced about the time she and D.J. had to practice for a scene. She kept insisting that they needed to rehearse to perfect it, but D.J. was laid-back and kept assuring her it would be fine. However, Gal was concerned about her toes getting crushed during the dance sequence. Dwayne then humorously quipped that Gal probably thought he was a buffalo who would accidentally step on her toes.

Gal shared that her toes became a worry after she injured one of them during the filming of a movie scene. She joked about almost dying when she accidentally cut her big toe while kicking handcuffs in a scene. Despite the injury, she persevered and continued with the scene. Dwayne acknowledged her determination to keep going despite the pain.

During filming, there was an abundance of blood on the set that was causing concern among everyone present. Emergency medical technicians were summoned and it was becoming a significant issue. However, one of the actors, who is now regarded as a hero by her co-stars, made a remark that has remained with them. She stated that she didn’t have time to bleed, and they continued the shoot.

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