From Benchwarmer to Fashion Icon: The Inspirational Style Evolution of Jordan Clarkson in the NBA

Jordan Clarkson is known for his exceptional fashion sense that sets him apart from other athletes. During his recent appearance at the New York Fashion Week, he made heads turn with his stylish outfits. He was seen wearing a Tommy Hilfiger rugby jumper with bold stripes as he stood next to the iconic designer. For another event, he opted for a Canadian tuxedo designed by Balenciaga’s Demna, and accessorized it with a large crucifix pendant by Alex Moss. To attend the Harper’s Bazaar Global Icons Portfolio and Bloomingdale’s 150th Anniversary party, he wore a sleeveless gray tweed suit jacket and skirt created by Thom Browne.

Clarkson’s collaboration with Lululemon in their latest ad campaign may come as a surprise to some, but it’s not unusual for a celebrity like him to wear clothes from well-known designers. In the “Your Move” campaign, he models a range of the label’s apparel, from training-friendly neon yellow shorts to relaxed tan trench coats. Clarkson believes that Lululemon has the potential to reach new heights, and he particularly enjoys wearing the Parkway Insulated Coat featured in the photo shoot. As one of the NBA’s most stylish players, Clarkson’s endorsement could significantly boost Lululemon’s status. Clarkson acknowledges that everyone has their own fashion style, but he confidently asserts that he is the best dressed NBA player. Despite the ongoing trade speculations involving him, he remains committed to winning with whichever team he plays for. Regarding his partnership with Lululemon, Clarkson shares that their bond developed naturally, and he believes that they are improving in every relevant area. Although he currently features prominently in their advertising campaigns and store displays, he doesn’t mention any plans for releasing joint clothing or participating in that kind of collaboration.

It’s possible that my unique style could extend to other areas of my life, but only if I’m allowed to be myself. The importance of mental health is often overlooked in professional sports, where physical fitness takes the forefront. However, through meditation and focusing on my mental well-being, I’ve seen positive changes in my personal and professional life. During the busy season, I like to take some alone time to focus on my surroundings and listen to the world around me. As for fashion, I’ve been impressed with the NBA’s integration into high fashion, and I particularly enjoyed the Givenchy and Tommy shows during New York Fashion Week. My Thom Browne outfit was a natural choice for me, as I have a great relationship with the brand and enjoy their creative approach. Although some may question my fashion choices, I believe in being true to my own imaginative process.

My time in Cleveland during the Finals will forever be etched in my memory. I was exhausted and only realized we were in San Francisco when it hit me. I’m not good with the heat and had to alter my outfit. We all shared our outfit photos and comments through a group text to look coordinated. While Russelle Westbrook’s personal style has been an influence, everyone has their own unique taste. The massive crucifix necklace I wear was created by Alex Moss, who also designs jewels for Tyler, the Creator and Drake. I found tattoos intriguing and wanted to find the right artist. I began with patchwork and later decided on more realistic depictions of my story. My tattoo artist, Steve Wiebe, is like a sibling to me. As for my unique sense of style, it’s hard to describe but has gained more attention since I arrived in Utah.

In my view, fashion is not just about the clothes, but also about how they fit and are worn by individuals. The creativity of fashion is a joint effort between designers and wearers. For instance, if Kim Kardashian wears a Marilyn Monroe piece, we do not credit only the designer but also the celebrity who wears it. I wear what I like and feel comfortable in without much thought. My room looks like a mess due to all the clothes I have laid out for fashion week. I am thrilled with my Lululemon trench coat, which is surprisingly light despite its bulky appearance. Although every player has their unique style, I believe that I have the best-dressed wardrobe in the league.

Fashion Forward: How Jordan Clarkson Earned the Title of Best-Dressed NBA Player

What an absurd notion! I am a massive admirer of Frank Jackson, and in my view, he is the most authentic person I know. He is incredibly attractive. This season, many clubs are resurrecting old uniforms and tactics on the court. The Jazz has started wearing the purple mountain era jerseys to bring back their old look. Are you excited to see them play with those outfits? Well, why not? That shirt is iconic, after all. Everything appears to be cyclical. The ’90s are making a comeback, and baggy clothes are in vogue. People will always remember when the Jazz made it to the playoffs and faced off against Jordan while wearing their mountain clothes. Around two or three years ago, the San Antonio Spurs got their hands on a strange relic, the fiesta jerseys, which they brought back. Bringing back classic jerseys is amazing, dude. You saw people wearing those jerseys as children on the field, and now you can officially wear them on the big stage. It’s a whole different feeling, and I’m completely thrilled about it. As a Sixers fan, I still anticipate the time when they will revive the Iverson throwback jerseys. And if they do, it will be spectacular. Combining black and red is awe-inspiring, and those uniforms are beyond amazing. They should be enormous and impossible to cut down to size. Kobe, influenced by the Lakers’ Showtime uniforms, wore shorter shorts, which means they can’t avoid wearing extremely loose-fitting shorts anymore. So why not do something unimaginable?

Fashion Forward: How Jordan Clarkson Earned the Title of Best-Dressed NBA Player

As we gear up for the basketball season, the Jazz have undergone quite a few changes this summer. Notably, Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert are no longer part of the team. With all these shifts, it’s hard to predict what’s in store for the upcoming season. However, as someone who has been in the league for nine years now, I am ready for anything. I consider myself a veteran, and my goal remains the same: to help my team win and eventually take home that championship trophy. Whether I am wearing a new jersey or not, my focus is on taking first place and creating a competitive squad that can make it to the postseason. It’s tough to come down from the highs of past victories, but I know that every morning brings new opportunities to find solutions. In the NBA, it’s common to see trades and roster changes, and I am part of a young core that made an impact on Lakers fans alongside Julius Randle, Brandon Ingram, and D’Angelo Russell. We have all since moved on to different teams and established ourselves there. Sometimes, I do wonder what could have happened if we had stayed together and matured as a group.

Fashion Forward: How Jordan Clarkson Earned the Title of Best-Dressed NBA Player

In my opinion, it was bound to fail with all of us on the same team. We were all stars in our own right and needed a change of scenery, so we went our separate ways. Although there were tweets and online chatter about it, looking back on it now, it’s pretty hilarious. The Lakers did a great job of evaluating our skills and providing us with an opportunity by drafting us, but I don’t think we could have won a championship with all of us together. However, they did bring LeBron in for us, which is all that matters. We each shone brightly in our own way and needed to develop in different ways by leaving our familiar surroundings. Representing the Philippines national team is an honor for me, and basketball holds significant importance in the country. The love and encouragement are always present, and every chance I get to play for them is a highlight of my life. If we’re lucky enough to win a few games in the World Cup pool draw in August, we could make it to the Olympics, which is the ultimate goal for me and the team.

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