“Delivery Guy or LeBron James? The Shocking Reactions of Those Who Meet Him”

LeBron James, the renowned basketball athlete and owner of Blaze Pizza, who is widely known as “The King”, indulged in a generous act by distributing free slices of the brand’s fresh 14-inch pizzas on the roads of Cleveland.

A brief video was posted on Twitter on Monday, featuring Lebron James surprising his fans by posing as a pizza delivery man. He arrived carrying a bunch of pizza boxes, wearing an improvised hat, and went around giving away whole pizzas to people he came across, while also taking selfies with them. The reactions of most people were quite surprised, except for one person who simply ignored him.

“Hey there, how are you?” The man introduced himself as Ron and proceeded to talk about Blaze’s current offer of a large pizza made with fresh ingredients that can be shared among friends without getting cold or having a frosty top. Ron then went on to showcase some of the unique toppings available, such as artichoke and lettuce. However, despite his efforts, true fans of Lebron James could tell that Ron was just wearing a hat to conceal his identity, but he refused to break character. When a fan referred to him as Lebron, he denied knowing who that was. Lebron himself retweeted the advertisement and praised Ron for being a regular guy while promoting the new large Blaze pizza deal.”

According to a spokesperson from Blaze, their 14-inch pizzas are now customizable and can be ordered in classic flavors such as meat lover, veggie, green stripe, and BBQ chicken. It’s interesting to think about what kind of pizza LeBron James might prefer. Go Lakers!

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