“Bryce James Joins Notre Dame High School, Carving His Own Path While Following His Brother Bronny’s Legacy at Sierra Canyon”

Bryce decided to transfer from Campbell Hall to Notre Dame after a change of heart. He had initially planned to join Notre Dame, but delayed due to Bronny’s heart attack. You can keep up with global sports updates by visiting DailyMail.com. This year, Bryce will be hitting the court for Notre Dame High School.

LeBron James' youngest son, Bryce James, leaving Sierra Canyon

Over the past few years, Bryce James has been honing his basketball skills by playing with his older brother at Sierra Canyon High School. But now he’s decided to make a change and transfer to a different school in Los Angeles. At first, he was leaning towards Campbell Hall High School, but after testing out the waters and spending some time in their program, he ultimately chose Notre Dame as his new school.

Bryce James transfer to Notre Dame Sherman Oaks: Why LeBron's youngest son  is moving to new high school | Sporting News

Towards the end of July, the Los Angeles Times reporter Eric Sondheimer revealed that Bryce James had shown a keen interest in joining Notre Dame. Though Bryce had initially enrolled at Campbell Hall, he has now opted to transfer to Notre Dame. Previously, he had played alongside his sibling Bronny for two seasons at Sierra Canyon.

LeBron James' son Bryce commits to Notre Dame High School after playing  alongside brother Bronny at Sierra Canyon | Daily Mail Online

Bryce’s intention to transfer to Notre Dame had been in the works for a few weeks, but this was halted due to Bronny’s cardiac arrest. According to Matt Sargeant, the head coach of Notre Dame, Bryce had his first practice with the team on Wednesday. Besides Bryce, other recruits joining the team are Mercy Miller, who is a four-star recruit and the child of rapper Master P, and three-star recruit Jayden Harper. A representative from Campbell Hall verified that Bryce had un-enrolled from their institution. Although Bryce’s transfer was already in progress, it faced further delays as a result of Bronny’s cardiac arrest at USC.

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