“Behind-the-Scenes of Gal Gadot’s Action-Packed Role: Four Slipped Discs and Bruises all over”

In her latest movie, Heart of Stone, Gal Gadot has shared the injuries she suffered during filming. The 38-year-old Israeli actress disclosed that she now has four slipped discs in her neck and back from doing fight scenes for the Netflix spy action thriller. Additionally, Gal, who is a mother to three daughters with her husband Jaron Varsano, mentioned that people give her weird looks because she is covered in bruises. Despite these injuries, the movie star has always performed her stunts in films and is thrilled about doing one-on-one combat sequences. She described it as an enjoyable experience, feeling more in control while shooting these action scenes.

Ouch! Gal Gadot, 38, has detailed the injuries which she sustained while filming fight scenes for her latest movie, Heart Of Stone, revealing she has four slipped discs in her neck and back

“Ouch!” exclaimed Gal Gadot, the 38-year-old Hollywood star, as she shared the story of her injuries from filming fight scenes for her upcoming movie, Heart Of Stone. Gadot disclosed that she’s suffering from four slipped discs in her neck and back due to the intense filming.

It's not all glam: The Israeli actress also admitted she gets 'weird looks' because she is now covered in bruises

Being in the entertainment industry is not always glamorous, as Israeli actress confessed that she receives strange looks due to her bruised appearance.

Stunt sensation: The movie star has long performed many of her own stunts in films, and enthused about doing the one-on-one combat sequences (Pictured in 2017's Wonder Woman)

The famous actress is known for her daring stunts in movies and she especially enjoys the one-on-one combat scenes. However, this comes with a price as she often suffers from bruises and injuries. One time, while walking in a park with her daughters, she realized that her legs and back were completely bruised, which attracted stares from other people. Despite the physical toll on her body, she still loves the hand-to-hand combat scenes and likens it to dancing, expressing herself through body movements. The actress has two neck herniations and two back herniations, which she attributes to her physical roles. Before pursuing acting, she completed two years of mandatory military service and studied law while also working as a model. Her fighting skills were first showcased in the Fast & Furious franchise where she played Gisele Yashar and performed many of her own stunts.

Where it all started: After being crowned Miss Israel in 2004, Gal completed two years of military service in the country before studying to be a lawyer, while modelling on the side

It all began when Gal was declared Miss Israel in 2004. Following her victory, she devoted two years to serving in the military before pursuing a career in law while simultaneously modelling.

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